About Us

Here at Iceland Ice we've been manufacturing and distributing ice cubes and blocks since 1993! Our family owned ice business covers Hearst, Kapuskasing, Gogama, Cochrane, Chapleau, Iroquois Falls, Kirkland Lake and Timmins district.

Our clients range from commercial, industrial as well as recreational events. We are also the distributor for Nestle Ice Cream products (locations listed above). The best part is that it's all done locally!

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Our Services

Refrigerated Truck Service

Refrigerated Unit Rental for special events. Perfect for weddings, concerts, and various gatherings. (6' x 10') ~ 720 ice bag capacity

We Service Mines and Cement Producers

We also provide chest freezers on-site, if necessary.

We offer emergency cooling storage services.

Ability to supply ice in emergency situations. Such as forest fires, military exercises, and much more!

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Premium Ice Cubes - 2.7kg

Premium Ice Block - 4kg

The highest quality filtered ice cubes and blocks available.

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